Business Travel 

Business travellers have very individual & specific needs. These vary greatly, depending on whether you're travelling with a partner, by yourself or as a group. Regardless, it needs to be seamless from when you leave home until you return.

Having looked after the travel for a multi-national company, for over 14yrs, I know all too well the importance of attention to detail and having flown, myself, in first and business class on a number of the top airlines, I can share first hand my honest impressions with cabins differ greatly between aircraft type, even within the same airline...and why I'll fly ex a certain city to ensure a certain aircraft type (subject to change of course!) you need connectivity to finish that proposal? A shower before landing so you can head straight to the office? A seat by itself so you can have some quiet time? Perhaps an onboard bar for a change of scenery and to stretch your legs. Whatever quirk you're looking for, I can help you find this.

What hotel is 'best' for you? It's a minefield out there - sustainable, luxurious, minimalist, boutique...the list goes on. Whether it's a different hotel vibe you're after in each city, or consistency across a reputable luxury brand, through my global connections, both personally & with Virtuoso, we can make this happen.

From flights to hotels to drivers and everything in between, let me work with you to design your premium business travel.

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