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Adventure Travel

"Adventure travel" means different things to different people.


It could be a luxury lodge on the plains of the Serengeti, with private game viewing vehicles & a delicious 4 course meal in the evening, while the call of mating lions can be heard in the distance...or it could be waking up in the morning, after camping on the ice in Antarctica, & finding a curious penguin standing in the doorway of your tent (I had this happen!) & then that afternoon taking the 'polar plunge' in the freezing ocean - because you can.

Perhaps it's a private car & driver, taking you around the Sri Lankan countryside, stopping at hidden temples & sampling exquisite tea from one of the many plantations...or maybe trekking the bucket list "W Circuit" in Patagania & camping under the stars while the rugged mountains soar to the sky beside you.

Whatever your idea of adventure is - whether small group tour, independent, private guides...the options are endless - let me share my passion, for this style of travel, with you. Together we can ensure this next trip of yours is one you'll remember forever.

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