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Brigid Avery

Global Travel Designer

About Me

In the late 70's, at the age of 10, Mum & Dad took me out of school for a year to play global gypsies. New Zealand was a long way from everywhere, but after 2 months wandering South East Asia & Papua New Guinea, then 10 months caravaning around Europe & the UK with no set itinerary, I knew from an early age that exploring this planet, it's peoples, cultures & wildlife, was my calling - it was in my DNA.

Some years later I gave up a law career to become a travel advisor & pursue my true passion - travel & travel photography (all photos on here, unless of me, are taken by me).

People ask me "Brigid, what's your favourite travel experience?"...where do I begin....

....a monk's blessing in the misty mountains of Bhutan...a fortune told in a village in Myanmar...wandering alone in the woods in Northern Finland/Lapland as the Northern Lights danced across the sky in a private performance - at 2am and -29degrees!...a luxury hotel in Paris on George V & dining in their 3 Michelin star restaurant...scuba diving at depths of 60m exploring eerie WWII shipwrecks...on an expedition ship in the high Arctic & having a polar bear stand up and rest his paws on the bow of the ship just beneath me...sipping sundowners on the plains of Africa while a lioness & her cubs stroll languidly past our vehicle...walking, in the driving rain, on Iceland's Reynisfjara (Black Sand Beach), the sea-mist & low cloud just adding to it's mystical beauty...eating fish curry for breakfast in Sri Lanka - every morning...or simply returning to the familiar feel of my 'second home' in London, where the doormen know me by my first name & my hotel suite looks directly over Hyde Park.

My experiences are endless. Yes, travel is my life, my vice, my passion  - without it I cease to be. No matter who the client, I know in my heart, that I can design & curate the best possible travel experience they could wish for. This is what makes me get out of bed, go to work (wherever in the world that may be) & be proud of what I've done for almost 30yrs.

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